Raising Awareness of Poverty and its Complexity

In a vibrant city like Charlotte, it’s easy to overlook the fact that many are suffering amid affluence.   In Mecklenburg County, 12% of the population lives in poverty.   Even families whose income is twice the official poverty line struggle to afford safe housing, reliable transportation, child care, utilities, food, and other necessities.  An unexpected event like an illness or job loss can send an accomplished person into a downward financial spiral.  

As advocates of the people we serve, our goal at Crisis Assistance Ministry is to encourage our community to learn about the issues surrounding poverty and then act to help eliminate it.  Through actions big and small, each of us can play a role.  By shining a light on the inequities that breed poverty, we strive to foster conversations that bring changes in attitudes and policies.

One of the most important tools in our “advocacy toolkit” is the Poverty Simulation.  This two-hour large group activity leads participants through a hands-on exploration of some of the real-life struggles that economically vulnerable people face.