Client Stories: You gave family a way home again

When two degenerative eye conditions took away so much more than Eric’s ability to work, you stepped in to help his family overcome the downward spiral of homelessness.

Family pictured with two small children, mom and dad on porch of rental home

When Eric’s sight began to fail, it wasn’t long before lost wages and extra medical expenses left their family of 7 struggling to keep up.
He and his wife, Janeya, gave up their rental home, “doubled up” with family, and eventually lost nearly all their possessions awaiting approval for disability benefits. With so many people squeezed into a small apartment together, Eric even spent time at the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte to free up space for the little ones. Once his disability was approved, there were still so many obstacles to “starting over.”With deposits, first and last month’s rent, truck rentals, and essential furniture purchases, the cost of getting housed again can quickly become insurmountable for families overcoming homelessness.  Crisis Assistance Ministry worked closely with the Men’s Shelter to help Eric’s family cover necessary deposits to move in, provide essential appliances to allow them to store and prepare fresh food, and recruit volunteers to help transport donated furniture to their new home – just in time for Thanksgiving.Your support means this father of five can continue to provide home-cooked meals for his family while they rebuild their life together under their own roof.

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