Common Questions: Financial Assistance

Where are you located?
Financial Assistance is available at our main office at 500A Spratt Street.

Who do you serve?
Customer must be residents of Mecklenburg County and must have lived at their current address for 60 days or more.

How often can I come?
We place no limit on the number of visits for emergency financial assistance; however, there are limits to the amount of aid per family per year.

When should I come?
Please arrive between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday thru Friday.  Customers are seen based on urgency of their need.

Can I make an appointment?
No, you must appear in person and provide all of the required documentation in order to be served.  If you are homebound due to disability or age and have a current doctor's note attesting that you can not appear in person, call 704-371-3001 and dial zero (0) and ask to speak to a caseworker who works specifically with homebound customers to determine if you are eligible for homebound services.

How long will I have to wait?
Lines in our lobby can be long.  You may have to wait several hours to see a caseworker who can assess your situation and offer solutions and assistance.  Be sure to review the “What To Expect” section.

Does everyone get financial assistance?
No.  Your situation may also be helped through referral to another community agency or through counseling with one of our caseworkers.  There is no guarantee of financial assistance at any time.

Will I get a check?
No.  If you qualify for and receive some form of emergency financial assistance, Crisis Assistance Ministry will make the payment directly to your landlord or utility company.

What if I need furniture?
If you need furniture or appliances AND emergency financial assistance, your caseworker can give you a referral to the Crisis Assistance Ministry Furniture Bank.  If you need ONLY furniture, you will want to read more about how to get a referral for the furniture program.

What if I need clothing or household items?
The Crisis Assistance Ministry Free Store, which offers clothing, shoes, books and household items to people in need.