Common Questions: Free Store

Where are you located?
The Free Store is located at our Main Office at 500A Spratt Street.

When is the best time to come?
Arrival between 9:30 and 10:00 is optimal. 

How often can I come?
We welcome our customers to shop once in a 30 day period.

Why can't I shop as soon as I arrive?
Because of the limited space inside there store, we must limit the number of people inside at a time for ease of shopping and to comply with fire code regulations.

Is everything free in the free store?
Yes, thanks to the generosity of our community and the thousands of volunteer who donate their time, everything is free.

How do you decide how many items I can shop for?
The number of items is determined by household size and the specific people you are shopping for (men, women, children, infants).

What if I need furniture?
Find out how to get a referral to the Crisis Assistance Ministry Furniture Bank.

How can I donate items to the Free Store?
Simply drop off needed items during designated hours at our Spratt Street facility.

How can I volunteer to help with the Free Store?
Check out the many opportunities to volunteer.