During this season of light, thousands of our neighbors are struggling to keep their power flowing, keep a roof over their heads, and provide the basics for their families.

By working together, we can preserve the hope, warmth, & light of home for so many with urgent needs in our community.

Your gift will help stabilize hardworking families and help them move toward economic mobility.


Your Generosity Will Help Stabilize Neighbors Like Alex

Smiling transgender woman in tie dye shirt on white background

Alex was barely getting by working three different jobs when they were laid
off from their primary job. They picked up extra hours from their secondary
jobs, took on extra gigs, and asked friends and family for help while they
kept looking for more stable employment. They cobbled together as much
as she could from friends, family, and even other organizations, but it still wasn’t enough. Finally, they turned to you and me, through Crisis Assistance Ministry, to help fill in the gap.

With the support of neighbors like you, a caseworker was able to issue an
emergency rent payment, directly to Alex's landlord, to cover the remaining
balance and avert eviction just as fall temps set in here in the Queen City.
With the pressure of eviction relieved, Alex can now chart a path back to
stability over the coming months.