Faith Partner Spotlight


Without the help of Charlotte's faithful, hundreds of working families each day might go without the urgent assistance needed to help them stay in their homes and live with dignity in our community.  Faith communities provide nourishment to waiting families, sort and inspect donated clothing for the Free Store, conduct furniture drives for the Furniture Bank, and so much more.

Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church honored for long-time commitment

Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church has supported struggling families in Charlotte for more than 40 years. In fact, the church provided space for the very first pilot project that became Crisis Assistance Ministry back in the early 1970s. 

Today, their members volunteer once a month to prepare donated clothing and household goods for families who "shop" free-of-charge for essentials like clothing, shoes, and bedding. On a different morning, they provide snacks and refreshments to families waiting for assistance in our lobby.  As you can imagine, these snacks make a critical difference to parents and others who come for help to keep the lights on and a roof over their heads on a given day.

For their long-time commitment to preventing homelessness and preserving dignity, Pritchard Memorial Baptist Church was recognized as Outstanding Faith Partner during Crisis Assistance Ministry's Volunteer Recognition Dinner in Charlotte on Tuesday.


Covenant Impact Charlotte Makes Big Splash

Covenant Presbyterian Church's Covenant Impacts Charlotte Day brought volunteers to Crisis Assistance Ministry where they inspected donated clothing and household goods, cleaned and restored Poverty Simulation kits, and assembled dining room tables to help families facing financial crisis. Partners/2013 Covenant/20131027_CovenantPresCommunityDay_ProductionGroup_tavington (8).jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/2013 Covenant/20131027_CovenantPresCommunityDay_ProductionGroup_tavington (2).jpg Partners/2013 Covenant/20131027_CovenantPresCommunityDay_ProductionGroup_tavington (5).jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/2013 Covenant/20131027_CovenantPresCommunityDay_PSKitassembly_dvaldez (2).jpg

clientuploads/Faith Partners/2013 Covenant/2013_CovenantPresCommunityDAy_Furniture_lprevatt.pngclientuploads/Faith Partners/2013 Covenant/20131027J_CovenantPresCommunityDay_FurnitureBank_lprevatt.png

Love Week Sets Records

Elevation Church's Love Week recently blanketed the city with volunteers and a passion to serve.  Here at Crisis Assistance Ministry, a brand new volunteer break room was created, thousands of donated clothing and household items were inspected and prepared for the Free Store, and 14 meals were served to waiting families.  To top it off, church members made the largest one day donation of clothing and materials goods ever to help families in need of basic essentials.

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Myers Park United Methodist Church First Serve

Myers Park United Methodist has long been a cornerstone of our faith partners.  The congregation is keenly involved as volunteers, financial donors, and community supporters.  Recently, youngsters brought their enthusiasm to sort, inspect, and hang clothing for the Free Store.  The visit was part of the church's First Serve initiative; a weeklong project meant to help those new to outreach experience the deep meaning of service. Some 200 volunteers engaged in projects ranged from preparing and serving dinner at Charlotte Rescue Mission to sorting clothing and household goods at Crisis Assistance Ministry.

 clientuploads/Faith Partners/First-Serve-Alicia-600.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/First-Serve-youth-one-600.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/First-Serve-Julia-600.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/First-Serve-youth-two-600.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/First-Serve-youth-three-600.jpg

“It’s definitely made an impact on me and made me realize how lucky I am," said Sarah Farmer, a 17-year-old junior from Myers Park High School. "I would tell people who are thinking about volunteering that it’s not hard, and it’s definitely worth it to get out of your comfort zone.”  Thanks Myers Park UMC for all you do to help families facing financial crisis!



clientuploads/Faith Partners/MeckCapture.PNG

Mecklenburg Community Church Steps Up

Mecklenburg Community Church's biannual food and clothing drive allowed families to bring gently used clothing and household goods along to weekly services.  During the service, volunteers collected the bags of food and goods from each vehicle and sent them on their way to us and hunger-fighting partner Second Harvest Food Bank.  It was pretty exciting when a 26 foot truck filled with clothing arrived that Monday. See their story on News 14!

clientuploads/Faith Partners/MeckCapture.PNG

clientuploads/Faith Partners/meck3Capture.PNGclientuploads/Faith Partners/meck2Capture.PNG

Elevation Church Brings Sustenance

clientuploads/Faith Partners/P1000677.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/P1000690.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/P1000694.jpgclientuploads/Faith Partners/P1000696.jpg

Elevation Church stepped up with muffin ministries and lunches as our first week with a new database led to a little longer wait than usual for families seeking assistance.  They even brought enough pizza for the staff too.  A stalwart partner, "Elevators" (as they call themselves) are answering the call to service at Crisis Assistance Ministry in many ways--in Free Store production, in Communications, in the Furniture Bank, with Muffin Ministries and with financial support. 

St. Stephen's United Methodist Church Serves

clientuploads/Faith Partners/20120207_MelissaLambandStStephenUMC_tavington.JPG

The staff of St. Stephen's UMC led by Director of Children and Family Ministries Melissa Lamm and Reverend Tom Latimer recently spent time inspecting donations for the Free Store.  Their work ensures that more than 100 families per day find essential clothing and household goods in the store. 

St. Stephen's has also helped serve refreshments to waiting families through our Muffin Ministry program. Group volunteer opportunities like these are a great way to serve while building team spirit and community comraderie.


Temple Church International Jumps In with Muffin Ministry

clientuploads/Faith Partners/20121210_TempleChurchInternational_tavington-2sm.pngTemple Church International began serving at Crisis Assistance Ministry last fall has already provided 2 Muffin Ministries and conducted a drive that yielded more than 300 items for the Free Store.  Thank you for your commitment to helping the working poor live with dignity!

      clientuploads/Faith Partners/20121210_TempleChurchInternational_tavington-3sm.pngclientuploads/Faith Partners/20121210_TempleChurchInternational_tavington-sm.png