FAQs for Faith Partners

Questions about Emergency Rent or Utility Assistance

Questions about the Free Store:  Clothing & Household Goods

Questions about the Furniture Bank

Can someone from Crisis Assistance Ministry speak to our congregation or group?
We would love to send a representative to speak about the work done at the agency and issues of poverty in our community. We also offer a 2-hour role-playing experience called a Poverty Simulation.  Please contact us at speaker@crisisassistance.org for more details.

How can individuals or groups volunteer?
There are many fun, rewarding volunteer opportunities at the agency for a wide range of ages and abilities.  Please contact us at volunteer@crisisassistance.org to learn more.

How can our congregation or members make a financial donation?

Special offerings and contributions can be made in the following ways:

  • Checks made out to Crisis Assistance Ministry, mailed to 500-A Spratt Street, Charlotte, NC 28206
  • On-line credit card
  • Cash

We also accept matching gift programs, gifts of stock, bequests and insurance.

How can individual or church-wide material donations be made?

What types of items do you need the most in your stores?

  • Major appliances (refrigerators, stoves and washer/dryers)
  • Kitchen/dining room tables and dinette sets, and chairs
  • Mattresses and beds
  • Dressers and chests of drawers
  • Sofas and loveseats
  • Household items (kitchenware, linens, towels and blankets)
  • Men's and women's large-size clothing
  • School uniform items (white, navy, light blue polo shirts; navy, black or khaki pants and skirts)

Questions about how to get involved as a faith partner?  Contact our Faith Relations Manager .

Emergency Rent & Utility Assistance

Where is your office located?

Walk-in assessments and general inquiries are handled through our Main Office.  Limited appointments are available at our satellite office at Ada Jenkins Center in North Mecklenburg.

How often may a person visit for assistance? 

There is no limit to the number of visits for emergency financial assistance. People may be eligible for assistance from different funds at different times, so they should come even if they had an appointment here recently.  Payments are made based on eligibility and funding limits.  If they are not eligible for financial assistance, they will still receive important referrals and counseling.

Are people ever turned away?

Because of the high level of need in our community, there are times when we cannot see every customer on the first day they come.  However, our systems ensure that those with the most urgent needs receive priority. Still, there is no guarantee of financial assistance.

How can I verify if Crisis Assistance Ministry has denied someone financial aid? 

Customers who are interviewed by a Crisis Assistance Ministry caseworker and are denied financial assistance will receive a Client Aid Denial Form.  If a person facing eviction or utility disconnection tells you they went to Crisis Assistance Ministry and could not get aid, they will have one of these forms. 

Does Crisis Assistance Ministry refer people to houses of faith or other agencies for assistance with rent and utilities?

NO; As Mecklenburg County’s designated Lead Agency for emergency financial assistance in Mecklenburg County, we serve as the community’s central resource for efficient distribution of rent and utility aid. We encourage other organizations to send those seeking assistance to our agency; this enables our partners to more fully direct limited resources to projects in line with their mission.

Does Crisis Assistance Ministry provide funds directly to those seeking assistance?

No; Our agency makes payments directly to landlords and utility vendors on behalf of our clients.

When is a person eligible to receive emergency rent or utility assistance?

  • Residents must be living in a household for at least 60 days to qualify for assistance.
  • Rent: Person must be at least 10 days late with rent and have a written eviction notice from the landlord.
  • Utilities: As soon as a person receives disconnection notification, they should be encouraged to come apply for help on the day of disconnection.

How does the process work?

What to Expect When Applying for Utility Assistance

What to Expect When Applying for Rent Assistance

Free Store

Common Questions about the Free Store

Furniture Bank

Common Questions about the Furniture Bank

How can I make a referral to the Furniture Bank?

Referrals are restricted to established partner agencies with casework processes.  Individuals without access to a caseworker or social worker in the community may seek assistance with furniture, beds or appliances by applying at our main office, 500A Spratt Street on Thursday mornings between 9 a.m. and 12 noon.