Medical emergencies are something none of us ever think about. Until we have to.

What would happen if you were suddenly taken to the hospital?

Meet Annie, who visited Crisis Assistance Ministry for the first time last winter. Just before the holidays, Annie was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. She was then told that she wouldn’t be able to return to her hourly cleaning job in the near future. Out of work and without income, Annie first turned to relatives for help. She also drastically cut household expenses for herself and her son, including groceries, personal items, and “luxuries“ such as cable and internet. Fortunately, until then she had paid her bills on time and didn’t have any credit card or long-term debt.

But as time marched on, things became more difficult to manage. She fell behind in her water and utility bills after several winter storms coincided with higher-than-average usage during her long days at home. Annie’s recovery has also been hindered by the fact that she has lupus, a chronic inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its own tissues. 

At Crisis Assistance Ministry, Annie didn’t know what to expect and was unfamiliar with how social service agencies worked. Her caseworker assured Annie that her water and utility bills would be taken care of and suggested that she apply for rental assistance to prevent her situation from becoming any worse. She also accessed many of the services that our partners have available including setting an appointment at a Loaves & Fishes food pantry to help with groceries.

Because of you, Annie will now be able to bridge the gap until she is able to return to work. An unexpected disability can be devastating to low-income workers like Annie, who do not have the comprehensive insurance benefits that many of us count upon in case of emergency. Annie is optimistic that she'll be released to work by her doctor very soon.  She's ready. “I’m bored at home,” she states, “I miss going to work.” In the meantime, she adds, “Thank you for helping me make it through. This helps a lot."

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