City's Housing Bond necessary tool in multi-faceted housing crisis

$50M Housing Bond supports Housing Trust Fund

Published Friday, October 19, 2018

A family assisted by Crisis Assistance Ministry is featured in the Charlotte Observer's October 18 article about the City of Charlotte's Housing Trust Fund and the proposed $50M housing bond package on city voter's ballots this election cycle. The agency is grateful to the community for the opportunity to provide critical assistance to families like Curtis Simpson and Tameka Boone in the midst of an urgent financial crisis. 

"Charlotte spent millions on low-income housing, but poor people can’t afford it" also details several ways the Housing Trust Fund has been used in the past to address the city's housing needs. 

Crisis Assistance Ministry and its leaders believe Charlotte's current housing crisis is a multi-faceted problem. As such, a variety of tools and a mixture of solutions are needed. The community needs to continue to look for creative ways to preserve existing housing stock, build more affordable units, and prevent evictions so that families of all income levels can call a place home.

Some experts estimate that Charlotte has a $1B affordable housing problem; the $50M bond package on this November's ballot is a good start that is worthy of support.  Crisis Assistance Ministry supports the bond as one of many valuable tools needed to ensure access to housing for our neighbors on the lowest rungs of the economic ladder.

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