Our Mecklenburg Community

Part of serving as advocates includes educating our community about the broad issues affecting the rise of the working poor and how those same issues contribute to the vicious cycle that those living poverty experience. Our Community section provides information necessary to be able to talk about and take action around the issues affecting the most economically disenfranchised sectors of our county. It also provides useful links to local, state and national organizations that work to advance the end of poverty, homelessness and unemployment.

Cost of Living Calculator

Each day, Crisis Assistance Ministry serves the low-income citizens of Mecklenburg County, often classified as "the working poor," who are facing financial emergencies and are struggling to meet life's basic needs. Many of our neighbors live paycheck to paycheck, making difficult choices on a daily basis among rent, utilities, food, health care, day care and so much more. An unexpected expense can throw these families into financial crises. Our living wage calculator can give you an idea of what it takes to live with dignity in your community.

Local Indicators and Statistics

Local indicators and statistics can give you a numerical picture of your community. Here you can find general population data and cost of living in Mecklenburg County, number of children living in poverty and median income for a family of four. These numbers can be used when talking to your local representative and to urge them to support policies that help alleviate and reduce the number of families and children living in poverty.