Economic Mobility Referral



Economic Mobility Program Referral

The Economic Mobility Program helps individuals experiencing a housing crisis move toward financial stability. Participants work closely with Economic Mobility Specialists on a weekly basis for up to 90 days and are empowered to set goals that enhance their economic mobility. Topics covered may include landlord mediation, financial empowerment, community resources, life skills coaching and more.

To be eligible for the program, participants must:

  • Reside in Mecklenburg County
  • Have some income
  • Be struggling with affordable housing but currently either rent or own a home (no hotel/motel residents)

To refer someone to the Economic Mobility Program, please complete this short form. After the referral has been received, an Economic Mobility Specialist may follow up with you and/or the customer for more information.

Economic Mobility Stories

Increase in Housing

Charlotte’s Six-Figure Salary Requirement

By Chanell Johnson | April 18, 2024

Charlotte, North Carolina, has become a place where a comfortable life requires a six-figure salary, according to a recent study from SmartAsset. The study’s authors used a 50/30/20 model for their calculations, in which no more than 50% of a household’s income is allocated for essentials such as housing, transportation, and groceries,  30%  for “fun” things such as hobbies and entertainment, and 20%  for savings, investments, and paying off debt.

George’s Story: You Are Not Alone

By Tovi Martin | March 14, 2024

George might have returned from deployment to a home with no heat, no lights—maybe even no home at all. As a young dad facing a financial crisis and tough decisions, he found help and hope at Crisis Assistance Ministry through the support of our community.

The Real Meaning of Hope, Warmth, & Light

By Tovi Martin | November 17, 2023

Hope. Warmth. Light. What do these words really mean? What happens when they are taken away? Joe’Asia knows that fear, but she’s now able to share warmth with her family thanks to the help of neighbors like you.

Can We Really Abolish Poverty?

By Tovi Martin | October 26, 2023

For Pulitzer Prize-winning author and sociologist Matthew Desmond, the answer is YES!
During his recent visit to Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Desmond brought both data and passion to the discussion of why America is one of the richest nations on earth, yet has “more poverty than any other advanced democracy.”

Will Medicaid Expansion Help Mecklenburg?

By Tovi Martin | September 25, 2023

This long-awaited move by North Carolina will provide welcome relief to many low-wage earners who often are not offered health insurance through their employers. Considering the struggles of working families here in Mecklenburg County, there are certainly thousands who will benefit from Medicaid expansion in our own community. Based on evidence from other states, it’s likely all of us will reap the benefits of improved community health, lower eviction rates, and a stronger safety net for our neighbors.

Here’s What You Make Possible

By Tovi Martin | September 9, 2023

It’s not too late to make stories like the one Carol shares here possible. You won’t need to attend a big gala, hire a babysitter, or order an Uber. Instead, make a direct contribution to help stabilize nearby families facing a financial crisis.

Your gift will help hardworking neighbors escape the threat of eviction or loss of utilities while empowering families with the resources to stabilize their families . . . and their future.

“Poverty, By America”: New Book Asks the Hard Questions

By Tovi Martin | June 20, 2023

Does poverty exist because we want it to? In his new book, “POVERTY, BY AMERICA,” Matthew Desmond asks this and other provocative questions about persistent poverty in our land of plenty.

On Juneteenth, Equity, Equality, and Freedom

By Tovi Martin | June 18, 2023

Juneteenth marks a celebration of freedom—at least in the legal sense of the word.  But it also evokes several bitter truths surrounding emancipation and its legacy. We see the ripples of that legacy here every day as we work to help our neighbors whose struggles are made more difficult by the social and systemic legacies of chattel slavery in the United States.
As we reflect on a historic moment in time, we can’t overlook the centuries of disenfranchisement that have followed legal emancipation and consider whether true freedom, equity, and equality have yet to arrive for many of our fellow citizens.

Black History Month 2023 Logo

Black History Month: Resisting the Status Quo

By Bonnie Tiernan | February 14, 2023

The theme for Black History Month 2023 is “Resistance”, a single word that encompasses so much. Through the centuries, a long line of brave and committed Black Americans have battled injustice, some on the public stage and others behind the scenes. But for every high-profile or large-scale act of resistance, countless others go unnoticed. At Crisis Assistance Ministry, every day, we see brave and committed Black Charlotteans struggling to resist the forces of an unjust society right here in Mecklenburg County.