Partner Agency Training

Online Portal Training

Approved Partner Agencies may request assistance on behalf of their customers through an online portal designed for this purpose.  Once an organization has completed the Partner Agency Agreement form and is approved as an authorized partner, individual staff must complete video training to receive their unique individual URL for portal access. If you have questions about being a Partner Agency,  Partner Agency staff is available Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, except holidays.

Please register prior to completing the training below.

If you have not completed your training registration form, please do so before viewing training videos.

Financial Assistance

On-Demand Video Training
Training Resources

Furniture and Appliances

Note: Furniture is being phased out by Fall 2023.

On-Demand Video Training
Training Resources
  • Download updated Training Manual for online furniture and appliance submissions
  • NOTE: Crisis Assistance Ministry is phasing out Furniture services, but will continue to offer Appliances through this same process of referral based on availability of appliances at the time of the request.