Poverty Simulation


What is a Poverty Simulation?

A Poverty Simulation is a facilitated two-hour “hands-on” experience designed to help participants understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family.  Participants are assigned to “families” who do their best to survive week-to-week over a simulated one-month period. The objective is to sensitize participants to the realities of those who are fiscally challenged in our community. The simulation provides real-life scenarios and challenges for participants to overcome.  The exercise is immediately followed by a group debrief, during which participants reflect on the experience, discuss insights, and consider next steps.


Why a Poverty Simulation?

The Poverty Simulation is an excellent activity for large groups who want to learn about the systemic challenges that people living in poverty are faced with daily. Crisis Assistance Ministry is the local leader in providing poverty simulations to the community.

We utilize a nationally-recognized curriculum created by the Missouri Community Action NetworkThe Poverty Simulation was designed using real-life scenarios of people struggling with limited financial means.  This highly-regarded educational process has allowed us to enlighten and inspire over 13,000 participants in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area, including Fortune 500 executives, local politicians, health care professionals, university educators and students, non-profit organizations, and professional affinity groups.






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