Thanks to you, Frederick and his grandson are home again

Frederick, a retired construction worker and Greyhound bus driver, recently visited Crisis Assistance Ministry for the first time. Displaced from his home of 21 years by a fire, he and his teenage grandson were sharing a budget hotel room while Frederick did his best to sort through the stacks of paperwork that poured in from mortgage, insurance, and construction companies. After many months and nearly all of his savings, repairs were finally made and the house was safe to live in once again. 

A big obstacle remained, however. Without electricity and water, they couldn’t move back in.

Exhausted, Frederick turned to Crisis Assistance Ministry for help. That’s where he met Monica, a caseworker with a deep understanding of the many challenges facing low-income seniors. Monica agreed that getting Frederick and his grandson back home was top priority. She personally made the calls to Duke Energy and Charlotte Water and assured Frederick that his past-due bills would be paid and that services would be restored within the next 24-48 hours. 

Thank God I came here,” Frederick exclaimed.

Help didn’t end there. In the interview, other risk factors to Frederick’s long-term well-being surfaced. Like many older people, a large percentage of his income was being eaten up by his mortgage payment. This didn’t leave enough money to take care of other basic needs such as food, clothing, and healthcare. Before leaving Crisis Assistance Ministry, Frederick completed an application for food stamps, visited the Free Store, and was given the number to a senior hotline to keep his prescriptions filled. (He confessed that he was skipping medications because he couldn’t afford their out-of-pocket costs.)

Because of your understanding and financial support, Frederick now has a buffer against future risks and his life is returning back to normal. Crisis averted, he hopes to spend more time with his grandson, who is facing challenges of his own. Frederick identifies with the boy. “When I was his age, I wasn’t a good student. I acted out,” he admits. “I’m trying my best to help him.”

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