Donation Drives

We would love to help you coordinate a donation drive to benefit individuals and families served at Crisis Assistance Ministry.

Organizing a Donation Drive Is Easy

1.  Decide what kind of drive you would like to host. You might consider choosing items from our list of most needed items.

2.  Let us know you are planning a drive. Click the Register My Drive button to create an account and complete an interest form. This form will help us make sure you have all you need for a successful donation drive.

3.  Conduct your drive.  Once you submit your registration form, you'll receive more information about our logo, publicity guidelines, social media, photos, and even collection barrels (based on availability).

4.  Schedule a time to drop off your collection and – with your permission – have your picture taken so we can thank you on social media.

  • Please note that we are unable to provide counts or quantities of items that are donated to us by individual groups. It is a great idea to keep your own tally of all the items you collect so that at the end of the drive you can have a final number and know how well your group did.

5.  Thank your supporters (and we will post our thanks as well)!


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