You Provided Light at the End of the Tunnel

Meet Robert

Robert came for help to avoid eviction on a sweltering July day.

Robert visited Crisis Assistance Ministry on an oppressively hot day like today hoping to avoid eviction from his family’s North Charlotte apartment.  Like many low-wage earners, Robert and his wife work multiple jobs to keep things going for their three school-aged children. 

His wife works in the school cafeteria, but with school out for summer she isn't getting a pay check right now.  Summers off mean they don’t have to pay for additional child care, but it also means every dollar Robert earns has to stretch further.  Right now, they have fallen behind in their rent and other expenses.

Robert is a barber earning commission and has a second interview for another job cleaning planes at the Charlotte-Douglass airport that offers steady hours and pay.  Soon he’ll reach one year at the barber shop and be able to keep all his earnings there as well.

In the meantime, they need help to save their home and get back on track.  A caring caseworker listened carefully to their situation.  With your support, she was able to stop the eviction with a payment directly to Robert’s landlord along with a partial payment to the electric company to keep them safe.  Finally, she and Robert took a hard look at their income and expenses.  Now it’s up to Robert to pay the rest.

Thanks to you, Robert and his family will be able to weather the summer until school starts up again.  “I know a lot of people are ashamed to come to a place like this for help,” he says.  “But if you’re doing what you’re supposed to do, you shouldn’t be embarrassed.  I’m just glad you are here to help us through.”

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